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We do this work because we feel called to it. We are honoured to walk alongside our clients on their journey to wholeness. It is in this sacred space that we see the complexity of humanity and believe that each individual, apart from and in relationship, hold not only the potential, but the inevitability of growth and transformation.


I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years in various capacities from bedside to management. In this beautiful vocation, I have had the honour of being able to be with people in their hardest hours. I have been deeply impacted and inspired by their strength, adaptability and propensity to survive at all costs.

It was in these moments that I gained inspiration to work alongside people in their deepest hurts. In this journey, I received a Masters degree in counselling from Briercrest Seminary and College and have taken further training in EMDR and IFS.

I believe that hurt is actually a gift. We desperately try to help our hurt by what may seem like unhealthy means such as control, avoidance, suicidality, workaholism or substance use. However, if we look at the intention behind the behaviour, these parts of us actually do help us feel better for a short time. When we find our hurt and embrace it, the parts of us that hold these roles may be free to do other jobs to help our system in new ways.

We are able to unburden our hurt so that we can fully experience a life that is better than we could have possibly imagined.


Dez Mudryk MC,CCC

I believe wholeheartedly that people are more than their stories. For much of my early years I worked in the oilfield, where I found many people with the constant need to fill an unfillable void—myself included. As a part of my journey and in talking to others I discovered the impact of trauma and shame on individuals. Parts of us become lost in trying to do enough or be enough so that we can be accepted.

Finding freedom from those burdens set me on a path to want to help others struggling with their "why". In my late 30s, I returned to school and received my Master of Counselling from Briercrest College & Seminary.

I have profound hope for people and their relationships and I hope that comes through in every session. Using IFS and EMDR (and a little bit of humour), I hope to help you find your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Let’s work together on getting to know the parts of you, and helping those parts see who you truly are.​


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